Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ramin's Spotify List

Here is a playlist from Ramin from D&D Encounters

Very metal

Hook Horrors? Lich in Ooze? Just Another Wednesday Night in Thay! Dead in Thay--D&D Encounters S18 S11

Another Wednesday night at Comic Quest. We started the night with Jack's great ceramic project

then we had dinner at Pei Wei who has changed the menu all around.

There was only DM Alan tonight & a ton of players--Andy, Lisa, Ramin, Nathan.

Magic Judge Eric is in the background--he is mentoring brian and I and gave us these great cards for training

we hope to be Level 0+ judges soon! The notes read:

     So You Want To Become A Judge

     Find a Mentor
     Judge Magic events
     Become familiar with the Rules of Magic
     Learn Sections 2 and 10 and Appx B of the MTR
     Learn the JAR
     Take the L0 (Rules Advisor) Exam
     Take the L1 Practice Exam
     Find an L2+, Interview and Pass the L1 Exam


     Wizards Document Center - CR, MTR, JAR

     Magic Judge Wiki - L1 Study Guide

     Judge Center - Exam Center

Chris, Bobby, and Roloando were there

Brain and Ramin

Jack and John.

Thomas got there a little late so we basically had a 13 player table--very crowded!

We still had a lot of great space at Comic Quest

The adventure moved rather smoothly--we got about as much done this week as we had in previous weeks--clearing two areas and exploring ~4 more.

The combat with the Lich was fantastic

And Brian was on Fire!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Preparing to Run D&D for 13 Year Olds

So I am running a game on Thursday for Jack's friends.

1. Get the latest free rule set & print it out. Be sure to get the Printer friendly version.

2. Post on Google+ looking for prebuilt one off adventures. I am thinking that something tied to the upcoming Tiamet stuff would be awesome.

3. Tweet at D&D Guys looking for ideas.

4. Watch Song of Orpheus again looking for ideas.

5. Check if the guys on Facebook have any ideas